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Restorative Justice
& the Arts

Art is a powerful tool for healing and creating social impact. Art can help survivors process trauma by allowing them to regain a voice and by helping them find a meaningful way forward. Art also allows for a nuanced exploration of themes such as community, rehabilitation, and justice.

Art allows for reflection and expression, it sparks dialogue, and it can help to create common understanding. All of this can make art an effective alternative tool for achieving restorative justice.

At Mens Artium, our aim is to encourage and facilitate survivors of human rights abuses in exploring art as a potential tool for healing. We also aim to give affected communities and individuals, who have experienced secondary trauma, a platform to explore art as a tool for restorative justice.


As there is no one correct way to approach the healing and restorative processes, our workshops and mentoring focus on experimenting and trying out various art mediums and different forms of expression.

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