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Mission Statement

Mens Artium is a community-based and non-profit project that is active at the nexus of human rights, restorative justice, and the arts.


Safe Spaces

Our objective is to create safe spaces to help survivors of human rights violations process the long-term effects of trauma. To achieve this, we offer free art workshops and mentoring to survivors of human rights abuses.



Our aim is to combine the arts and human rights to facilitate restorative justice within our society. We believe that by giving survivors a creative outlet or an alternative form of expression, we can help them find and use their voices in meaningful and empowering ways.



Our work is neither legal nor psychological in nature. Our art workshops and mentoring are there to compliment the already existing services offered by the court system and psychological health care services.


Victim Participation

We acknowledge that victim participation can occur outside of courtrooms and the traditional judicial system. Our aim is to help survivors find their own narratives and ways forward.



We believe in the healing power of community and creativity. We also believe that listening and being heard are key components of the restorative justice process.



Through our work, we aim to destigmatize trauma and to spark an open and inclusive discussion on human rights and restorative justice.



We acknowledge that healing from trauma is often a long and nonlinear process. We believe in the resilience of survivors and in the strength that can be born out of immense hardship.



We believe that there is justice in getting to live a good and fulfilling life.

Let's Work Together

If you are a human rights defender, a humanitarian, a creator, or an artist — or even an art therapist or psychologist, we would love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to us at

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